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29 April 2010

Illogical Monsters

I saw the opening to Monster Hunter Tri recently, here. It's more than a little bit awesome. The opening has some impressive graphics and it shows the dynamics between the monsters, which is always cool. However, I did have one moment of hesitation, regarding the creature from the deeps, the water-dragon thing. I'll call it a leviathan, since I do not know what the creature's name is in the game itself.

It spat lightning. Why would any underwater creature use lightning as a weapon? Even if said creature was immune to the damage and electric shock can do to a body, it would quickly spoil the area in which it hunted, since the nearby creatures would drop dead, would they not?

I don't know. I suppose I do not possess the requisite knowledge of how electricity works underwater, maybe since the charge is dispersed throughout the entire ocean, it is a negligible weapon underwater or something. Oh well. It was still a very cool video.

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