Magic is as real as you dream it to be.

16 April 2010


All things are interconnected. Dreams touch real life almost as frequently as real life touches our dreams. Are those events which I dream of as I slumber real? Do I laugh, live, love, murder, and save in reality, as I dream of such occurrences?

I do.

We all do, you see, because the dream is no more unreal for its immateriality than a story is unreal simply because it is fiction. It matters, that a story fit together right, because the story is a reality. These characters, the things that they do, and the things that happen to them are all important, and real. The fact that they lack a body of meat and bone does not make them somehow less than you or I. This is why motivation matters. Spectacle has its place, certainly, but every time a character acts in a way wholly contrary to her nature, the world in which she lives breaks ... a little.

Do not dismiss the fictional as unimportant, or somehow less real. They have been imagined, life has been blown into their existence, and a world has been woven around their existence. They matter.

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