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25 February 2011

Tequila Sunrise - Observation Report

Recipe Used: (all values approximated)
4 oz orange juice
2 oz tequila (I used Jose Cuervo Especial, Tequila Oro)
3/4 oz grenadine

Body State:
3 hours without food, 2 without drink (Pepsi cola)
Awake, no noted emotional state

Observed Effects:
As to taste: the drink was sweet, but I noticed a touch of a tang, and the consumption led to a slight burn in my throat, which remained for about fifteen minutes.
After consumption, no noticeable slur or interference of thought process. I was capable of walking a straight line with little effort, and could perform such fine-motor tasks as transferring food from a tray to a plate with a knife and fork. However, I did notice that I had to expend extra effort to keep myself standing upright.
During the thirty minutes after consumption, I consumed a meal approximate to the mass of my forearm, and watched a half-hour episode of High School of the Dead. No other significant activity.
After this waiting period, no extra effort was required to remain upright, and no other effects were noted. However, a slight burn at the rear end of the roof of my mouth remained.

Tequila Sunrise is an acceptable drink, should I need to become drunk. However, due to the quickness of my intoxication and the slight burning sensation, it is not an acceptable social drink. for me.
The intoxication levels conferred by 2 oz of tequila are not very large.